Wednesday, November 10, 2010

candy dna model

While studying DNA and cells, JD made this candy DNA model.
We used:
mini marshmellows
It is recommended that you use colored marshmellows. I forgot that little piece of information when I went to the store to buy them. So JD colored strips on them with markers. Sorry, I cannot find the original website I found this on. But if you do a search for candy dna model, you will get lots of sites. If I find it later, I will post it for you.

Sweet Pea made this cell model out of cake, a donut and candy for an assignment in public school.

Veteran's Day Parade

Last Saturday, our girl scout troops participated in the Veteran's Day parade. We decorated their bikes with balloons, ribbon, and garland. The girls made posters to carry in the parade. Everyone had a great time showing our appreciation for our veterans.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

play doh mats

I found this a long time ago, but I have to share it with everyone. Childcareland is a great resource for preschool ideas. Shelly Lovett offers so many printables for free and for sale. I made these cute playdoh mats with the free printables on Working with playdoh is great for developing fine motor skills and the alphabet mats will help the children to identify letters.

celebrating Juliette Lowe

Juliette Lowe is the founder of Girl Scouts. Her birthday (Oct. 31st) is a huge event for us. We (brownies, juniors, and cadettes) celebrated together with a big birthday bash. The cadettes planned the event for their Games badge. The girls played musical walk, bean bag toss, pin the nose on the pumpkin, and face painting. Then we sang happy birthday and ate cake. Lots of fun!

field trip to pumpkin patch

Every year I take the daycare to the pumpkin patch. We have a great time posing for pictures on the hay bales they have set up, and tractor. The kids run through the little maze made out of hay bales, perfect because I can see right over the hay to the kids. Then we ride on the hay wagon to the field to pick the perfect pumpkins. My rule is you have to be able to carry it yourself. Aren't they cute?

girl scouts do a food drive

Our girl scouts from 4 different troops sat out in front of the local grocery store on Saturday collecting donations for our local food bank. We do this every year. The girls really like helping their community. We, then, delivered it yesterday with a few of the girls. Of course, my girls are there in the picture.

what's in the box today?

I have read a lot about workboxes. So we decided to try it. JD is liking it so far. He likes seeing his assignments laid out and what is expected for the day. I like that it helps him work independently. When he needs help, he checks in with me during daycare nap time.
I like to see what other people are doing in their workboxes, so I am linking up with What's in the Box Wednesday at Confessions of a Homeschooler. Here's what JD (5th/6th grader) did:

1. Teaching Textbooks 5- Lesson 34
2. Growing with Grammar 5- Lesson 2.11
3. A Reason for Spelling D- Lesson 11 Pretest, 11b, and
4. A Reason for Handwriting E- Lesson 21 Day 3 & Lesson 22 Day 1
5. Read 30 minutes of Gilgamesh the Hero
6. Finish book report on Return to the Painted Cave
7. Read Chapter 1 in Story of the World 1 & US puzzle
8. Read Pgs. 1-44 of Dr. Frankenstein's Human Body Book
9. (not in a box) basketball practice tonight